Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chris Potter live with the Dave Holland Quintet

Yes, we saw Steely Dan in Stockholm and yes, we did like it. A lot.
So why so quiet on this blog then? It's been four days since the gig.

Easy. It was all part of a visit to Stockholm, and we were too busy enjoying whatever we enjoyed in the Swedish Capital to collect our thoughts into coherent sentences regarding the Steely Dan show. And pretty much left the Internet to fend for itself while we took in something else.
Promise: Monday will see a post (with some links) about the Steely Dan Stockholm experience.

While you wait:
Ever wondered what Chris Potter, saxophone player for Steely Dan on the 1993-4, 2000 tours as well as the Two Against Nature CD, has been up to since then?

Well, lately he's been touring with the Dave Holland Quintet, and they played the Swedish Jazz Festival one day after Steely Dan. And for you can hear close to an hour of Dave Holland Quintet's performance online thanks to Swedish Radio. It's in two parts and will go from part one to two in the middle of a song, but that's nothing we can do anything about. It's just coded that way.

Here's what you do. Click the links and you get a window where you can choose between three different streams: Windowsmediaplayer broadband, windowsmediaplayer modem or Realplayer. Pick your favourite!

Dave Holland Quintet Part 1 (Begins with a two minute spoken intro in Swedish. It's the announcer/DJ saying hi and hello and welcome to the Jazz Festival coverage.)
These links will expire on August 19, 2007.

Dave Holland Quintet is Dave Holland Bass, Robin Eubanks Trombone, Steve Nelson Vibraphone, Chris Potter Saxophone and Nate Smith Drums.

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