Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steely Dan Europe 2007: "...with his handicam in tow..."

Or maybe that should read "with his mobile phone/cellphone in tow"?
At any rate a YouTube search for "Steely Dan" and "2007" bring up a number of mostly short clips from the current tour (plus some other Steely Dan related stuff).

And after a two day break between Paris on the 10 and Stuttgart tomorrow evening it is on with the European gigs. Wonder what they did on the days off? Well, Michael Leonhart & Jon Herington did a gig on their own in Paris, so maybe the rest ventured out into France and surrounding countries to see what Europe has to offer seven years after the last tour?

Stockholm is just five days away...!

And while in Sweden might I suggest a quick dash to the closest Duka store to stock up on that essential Steely kitchenware?

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