Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tonight: Steely Dan Europe 2007

And so it begins; the European leg of the Heavy Rollers 2007 tour. First stop after the US dates is tonight in Birmingham, England. It is followed by dates in Liverpool and London before they move on to mainland Europe.
Sam Yahel Organ Trio is the opening act for half of the 16 shows (*).

* Jul 05 - NIA - Birmingham UK
* Jul 06 - Aintree Pavilion, Liverpool, UK
* Jul 07 - Hammersmith Apollo - London UK
* Jul 09 - Forest National - Brussels Belgium
* Jul 10 - Le Grand Rex - Paris France
Jul 13 - Stuttgart Jazz Festival - Stuttgart Germany
Jul 14 - North Sea Jazz Festival - Rotterdam The Netherlands
Jul 15 - Zitadelle - Berlin Germany
Jul 17 - Stockholm Jazz Festival - Stockholm Sweden
Jul 19 - Molde Jazz Festival - Molde Norway
Jul 21 - Pori Jazz Festival - Pori Finland
* Jul 23 - Falkoner Theater - Copenhagen Denmark
* Jul 24 - Stadtpark - Hamburg Germany
* Jul 25 - Museumplatz - Bonn Germany
Jul 27 - Blue Balls Jazz Festival - Lucerne Switzerland
Jul 28 - Piazza Lucca - Lucca Italy

Radio Dupree is of course most interersted in the July 17 concert in our country of Sweden, but we'll keep a keen eye open for what's being played.
Will there be any new songs added to the setlists or will they stay the same as in the US? Will they dust off that "classic" from seven years ago; The Steely Dan Show?
We'll have a first indication in a couple of hours when the Birminghamn gig is over and the reports starts to come in!

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Thanks to Kalvin from Portsmouth who posted the setlist over on the guestbook:

Time out of Mind
Bad Sneakers
Two against Nature
Hey 19
Haitian Divorce
Babylon Sisters
Green Earrings
Dirty Work
Chain Lightning

Kid Charlamagne


Anonymous said...

Went to see Steely Dan in B/ham last night. I can only describe it as 'jaw dropping' ! Rarely, if ever, have I seen such musianship and energy. If you are still to se this concert you are in for one hell of a treat. AJA was amazing - I would have never have thought that another drummer could get near to S.Gadd but Mr Carlock did - brilliant. David UK

rob.mitchell3 said...

Yeah Fagen was awesome for sure and they sure sounded fabulous. But I went away feeling very disappointed. Reelin in the years, Rikki don't lose that number, Do it again, Deacon Blue .... Where were they!!!
Was it a conscious decision not to play any of their most popular pieces? I was even hoping that they would do some of Fagen's solo stuff but no. I waited with a few others at the end for them to come back and play them but it just fizzled out. Fans like those tracks, Reeling in the years would really have gone down a storm - he knows that, why on earth did he decide not to include it???

RM said...

Rob: It didn't fizzle out - Donald said "time for one more", and played one more! As far as I was concerned, it was a TOTAL Greatest Hits set - particularly compared to the Wembley
"Two Against Nature" show. To please everyone, they'd have had to play for about 4 hours. And you can't be surprised that Steely Dan, well known for being slightly obtuse, didn't play some of the most blindingly obvious tunes. We were delighted - and found your comment a bit bizarre, to be honest.

rob.mitchell3 said...

I meant it fizzled out AFTER the last one. The band were playing, some were leaving, many were waiting while the band played ... as it fizzled out.
Greatest hits??? Their 5 best selling and most famous songs weren't played! They have had 2 top 40 hits in UK, neither were played, and 4 top 20 hits in US, none were played. Not to say I didn't enjoy it but I along with those around m left feeling like we missed out

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Thanks for your comments. They're appreciated and welcome.

Looking back at the tour so far the constant dissatisfaction seem to come from the songs played and not the way they were played.
The band is in fine form and while they seem to keep the 15, 16, 17 song setlist more or less unchanged they've actually managed to play more than 25 diferent song on this tour.

Wonder if they'll focus to the jazzier numbers for the jazz festival gigs coming up? And we're still wondering what was played in Liverpool on the second night of the European leg of the tour...