Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steely Dan Europe 2007: Calling all Pugh-Heads!!! + Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Attention all who got their tickets to see Jim Pugh play that trombone as only Jim Pugh can; he's back on stage as of the Brussels gig!
Brussels was on July 9. A date that apparently also qualifies as the birthday of one Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLYN!

Andy Smith has - after 36 yeas - finally gotten around to seeing his favourite band; Steely Dan. Read his thoughts on the Liverpool gig here.

Gina over on Mizar5 has started to write about the Brussels show from her perspective. Check it out!

With the Paris gig done Steely Dan's Heavy Rollers tour's next stop is Stuttgart July 13. Just time enough for Michael Leonhart to play a one-off gig with Jon Herington in Paris.
The date is July 11 and the place Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club at 60 rue des Lombards.

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