Saturday, July 07, 2007

Steely Dan Europe 2007

It's day three of the European leg of the tour, and we're still waiting for a setlist from Liverpool while the guys and girls are busy playing London .

Stockholm, Sweden is just 10 days away and since we're living in Sweden and plan to catch the show at the Stockholm Jazz Festival we'd like to encourage anyone going there reading this to click the banner above or this link. It'll bring you to a page where you can sign up to recieve news about a so called Danfest - a gathering of fans before the show.
No big production; just a chance to meet other Steely Dan fans, have a drink,food and a chat before we walk the short distance to Skeppsholmen and the main stage. (Other surpriss pending!)

Meanwhile we'd like to point out that of the European dates there's one that both and have difficulties with.

According to the tour will bring the band to SOCKHOLM:

SOCKHOLM, Sweden?Socks are fine, but we do know it's Stockholm as in stock = log and holm = islet. seems set on the show taking place in good ol' Sweeden:
Sweeden?But one e or two ... who's counting? Radio Dupree is not proud to be one of the blogs where letters frequently appear in the wrong place or not at all. We like to blame it on our dirt cheap Chinese manufactured keyboard, but will - at a pinch - admit that any weird spelling just might be due to human error...

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