Wednesday, March 19, 2008

'66 Mothers show on Wolfgang's Vault

The web site Wolfgang's Vault offers yeat another Zappa/Mothers live recording. It's a tape from Fillmore Auditorium, San Fransisco June 24, 1966.
This is said to be the earliest Mothers of Invention concert in the Wolfgang's Vault archives. "It was recorded on an evening when the Mothers opened for comedian Lenny Bruce."
This concert took place the night before the one that wound up on disc 3 of the Zappa Family Trust's release MOFO (the Making Of Freak Out!)
It's a rather short tape, only 13 minutes. It is divided into four tracks:
1. Zappa Talks To Crowd 0:20
2. Toads Of The Short Forest 0:48
3. I'm Not Satisfied 2:20
4. Handsome Cabin Boy Jam 10:07

Two more Zappa shows are already available for listening on the site
One from 1970 and one from 1977.
Wolfgang was the legendary concert promoter that is well known as Bill Graham. Over the years he preserved lots of stuff that came from all the shows he arranged (art, photography and recordings).

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