Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend music: Where do you get your music?

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Music. Do you download it online? Buy it from an store on the Internet? Visit your local record store?

We're old enough to still prefer our music on a vinyl or CD rather than mp3 or other file format. So we should buy most of our stuff in regular record stores, right?

From time to time we still go looking for used records in stores, but as far as new releases go we have turned to the cheaper and more convenient online stores for most of our purchases.

Maybe we should support our local record store by buying more music there. Hitting the search-button online just isn't the same thing as flipping through the albums looking for that record you just have to have...

Which leads up to the choice of weekend music on this blog. The brand new video from Erykah Badu. It takes place in a record store and she gets to digitally visit some famous and less famous record covers. Below are just five of them. Watch the video and tell us what other albums you spot!

Enjoy the weekend! ... and support your local record store...

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