Monday, March 03, 2008

Donald Fagen on Martha's next one

Martha Wainwright. Photo: Ken SchlesDonald Fagen will make an appearance on Martha Wainwright's next album; I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too due June 10.
Also on bord for her third album: Pete Townshed (The Who), Garth Hudson (The Band), her brother Rufus Wainwright and mother Kate McGarrigle.
Full track listing on Filter Magazine's homepage.

All this has us wondering when the record by Michael Leonhart and Daniel Yvinec will see the light of day. Apparently Donald sung on three songs and even played a little keyboards on the album first set for an early 2007 release.


monsterpants said...

I don't know who Martha Wainwright is. What I really want to know is how one would go about convincing Donald Fagen to be on her next album. I'd just like a few tips and pointers, is all.


- Gwen in Seattle, WA - USA

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Hi Gwen!

Not that you really need any help from Don, but we would like to think that a good way to start the ball rolling is moving to Woodstock, maybe go borrow a cup of sugar from the Helms', talk about this and that and gradually become part of the community. Whenever Libby is in town you'll get an invitation and there's Donald in the corner and you happen to have a demo that you give him and...

(Can we please get a "thank you" in the liner notes...)