Monday, March 24, 2008

Becker's Circus Money arrives June 10

Circus MoneyIt's official and up on

The Release Date for CIRCUS MONEY is June 10, 2008.

So a mere 11 weeks to go until we can hear what Walter has come up with for his second solo album.

That also means that he'll have a chance to promote the record during the Steely Dan summer tour, a tour that looks like it'll be named Think fast, Steely Dan.

And in related Walter Becker news the signature wlm posted on the BlueBook that he/she had found the link to Walter's recent memo and the title of the solo album; 1950's monologist Lord Buckley!

The memo on starts To: My Lords, My Ladies of the Royal Court. A direct quote from Lord Buckley's The Hip Ghan. A monologue where you also find the following lines:

Knock a little patch on the cat's pants,
Swing a coat on grandma,
Get a little juice on the table,
Swang up get a little circus money.

We have to admit that we were unfamiliar with Lord Buckley's work, but will add a few choice numbers to the Radio Dupree playlist this week.
Both Zappa and The Beatles seem to have been fans of his spoken word performances. Zappa compiled an album; A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat, in 1969 and Buckley sort of pops up in the outro to the Beatles Hey Jude. And George Harrison wrote a song named after Buckley's home; Crackerjack Palace (1977).

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John Stodder said...

As long as Becker/Fagen are still around, the beatnik spirit shall not die!