Thursday, March 20, 2008

Circus Money here late May/early June?

A clarifying update to the previous post about what record company might release Circus Money:

Not only did Radio Dupree end up being mentioned on his blog for writing to Mark Bialczak, but he was kind enough to say yes, Mailboat is Jimmy Buffett's label, that late May/early June is the expected date of arrival and that even if Mailboat distributes the CD it might come on a different label/imprint.

Read Mark's blog reply here.

Oh, and if you're wondering who "Per-Gunnar Eriksson" that wrote Mark on behalf of Radio Dupree is, we can explain. He works in the mail department of the station and must have a light work load as it gives him time to surf the net, sign up for blogs and write people regarding matters better handled by our crack team of investigative reporters.

From now on we'll make sure that he's busy doing what he should be doing and not gallivanting around the Internet like this.
Did you hear that, Per-Gunnar? It's back to the salt mines for you!

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Gina said...

Siggy and Neb, don't be too hard on Per-Gunnar, he caught your enthusiasm for the cause :-)

I just updated Mizar5 with your links and such, haha. Cool!