Friday, March 28, 2008

Walter dubbing it up?

Circus MoneyThe first article on Walter Becker's Circus Money can be read here.

Looks like we'll get a mix of Steely Dan and dub reggae this time around(!?). We also learn that he might tour behind the album later this year.

The article also includes an update-of-sorts as far as any new Steely Dan album goes. And a couple of hints regarding the band's summer tour.

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Then there's the new FAQ about the album on

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And finally... Go here:

Click the "view the masks"-link and click your way to slide number seven. Looking familiar?


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - that is interesting about the masks. The faq footnote makes me wonder if they tried to use that original mask itself but were denied permissions, so they made their own...? Would like to hear the backstory to that one.

But I'm surprised no one has noted how incredibly awesome and deep those Yup'ik masks are! The becker cover is great and all those other masks would have been great too -- very deep. Being in BC we've been exposed to some of this First People's art and it's very cool that Walt is an appreciator too! I think he even mentioned having Eskimo art at home in one of his earlier memos. Go home team!


Neb and/or Siggy said...

Yes, those masks have that extra something that I often find in native arts from all over the world. Even iof you do not have the historical knowledge. You see it and somehow it just ... works.

And just like you we're wondering what the backstory to the used versus orignal mask.