Saturday, March 08, 2008

Radio Dupree website updated at last

Some you you Radio Dupree listeners may have thought "What ever happened to the Radio Dupree website? Did they forget the monthly update?"
Excuse the delay, folks, but today we finally updated it!
You may want to check out the Radio Dupree Top 20 which offers a couple of surprises: Buddy Miles (R.I.P.) is topping the chart (closely followed by Becker/Fagen). Two tracks from the new remastered edition of E.L.O:s Out Of The Blue have also found their way to the RD Top 20.
The delay has been caused by the preparations for the FIVE YEAR anniversary of this radio station, which takes place in April. You can expect a couple of surprises coming up next month, but more about that later.
Speaking of anniversaries...Album of the Month for March is a classic Zappa/Mothers album that is celebrating 40 years now...We're Only In It For The Money. Songs from that one plus some related material are already spinning on Radio Dupree.



Anonymous said...

Siggy, we know that kitchen! Love & Peace from Portland.

Neb and/or Siggy said...

We would love to see you here again sometime!