Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend music: Scandinavia

OK. So we're living in Sweden. It's part of Scandinavia where we also place Norway, Finland,(*) Denmark and Iceland. A great place to live. Or is that great places to live?

For our weekend music we picked a guy and a video that has been watched close to 8 million times, so chancs are you've already seen this, But we're new to Norwegian Lasse Gjertsen's talent of making music without being able to play any instrument BUT being able to cut and paste video.

He says he recorded each and every note and sound here. THEN cut it up and made it into this piece of music:

Have a great weekend!

(*) = Correction! After our friendly Finn here on Radio Dupree; carpenter Heikki, in his surly matter-of-fact way instructed us that while Finland may be one of the Nordic countries it is by no means part of Scandinavia, we could but strike that country from the above post.
We stand corrected and find ourselves pondering if our close-but-oh-so-far-away neighbour to the east might in reality be the first visible black hole...

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