Thursday, March 12, 2009

Archangel - Do It Again. The video

We wrote about the cover version in November. Now Archangel's take on Steely Dan's Do It Again has a brand new video.
The song is taken from taken from Archangel's (Nick Webber) debut album How To Lose Your Best Friend. The video is directed by Henry Schofield.
Archangel "Do It Again"


angel said...

I finally had a minute to watch the video...and I like it. :-)

Sort of like listening to a punk version of Do it Again. By using the Post It's in the video, they add something that did not even exist, when Do It Again was written.

Very cool.

Neb & Siggy said...

Yes, we like it too. Even more so with the video. And a video done means the song will get an extra push. Hopefully. Although we also had high hopes for Nina Pellot's version of Peg from June 2007...