Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reggae apparently a no-no for Amy

This just found on welt.de:

Amy Winehouse has reportedly had her new songs rejected by her record label. ... "She seems to have ditched her trademark vintage soul sound and is now heavily influenced by reggae. Her bosses don't think it's a wise move to change her style so sharply and have told her that."

... demo tracks for her upcoming third album have also been criticised for being "very dark" compared to her previous hits . . . In the past, she's written frequently about broken hearts and boyfriends, but this time round she's delving into harrowing terrain."

Bosses are determined to ensure Amy's upcoming album matches the success of her 2006 LP 'Back to Black'.

Isn't it nice to have bosses that want you to do the same thing over and over again?

"Reggae influences"? "Dark lyrics"? Sounds familiar...
Get her into a studio with Larry K and the guys including that Sadowsky-playing fella and see where it goes. Galang!

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