Monday, March 09, 2009

Steely Dan live in 2009: Criswell Jr. predicts!

What follows are some unsubstantiated ponderings based on this tour in any way having to look like previous tours.

So after the European tour becoming official last week nine shows have been confirmed.
Looking even further back I can see that this will be the fourth tour of Europe since Steely Dan started playing live again in 1993.

1996: Nine shows in Europe in September after playing the USA and before going to Japan.

2000: 15 shows in Europe in late August and September after touring Japan and the USA.

2007: 16 shows in Europe in July after touring the USA and before goingto Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

With nine dates official so far there is clearly room for a few more in Europe this time around. Comparing the schedule to 2000 and 2007 I can see that a couple of countries are "missing". Germany and the Scandinavian/Nordic countries.

There are room for a couple of shows early July. Or maybe late June before the announced Amsterdam gig. Or maybe even late July after the week in Italy.
Of course nothing says Steely Dan must play any of the Scandinavian countries this time around, but I would be surprised if we didn't get at least one or two shows in Germany.

I would also be surprised if the 2009 tour is Europe-only. Surely some shows in the USA/Canada and Japan must be there somewhere in the mix?

- Criswell Jr.

And rememeber: "Future events such as these will affect you in the future."

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