Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walter saves the evening!

The Walter Becker Circus Money+ playlistAnother of those evenings when there's nothing on the TV worth watching. As a kid of the TV-generation something I have had a hard time adjusting to. More channels but less and less tempting me to even turn the set on.

So this evening I am enjoying a beer and the great playlist pictured above. All of Circus Money + the extras that have been released so far.
Just happened to be on the Vista side of the computer rather than the Ubuntu/Linux one, but as long as the Media Player is playing the music I can live with the fact that it somehow can't find and show the album cover. :)

While I'm enjoying the music I'm trying to remember the weird Steely Dan dream I woke from Monday morning. If we don't get any new tour dates Thursday I might share that Nemo-esque dream with you all in a separate post tomorrow.

Circus Money cover

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Music For Gaza said...

dream..... mmmmmm...

i will wait patiently