Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy birthday, Sheik Yerbouti!

The Zappa orgy continues here on Radio Dupree. Our album of the month for February was Lumpy Money. Sheik Yerbouti takes over for March.
It is now 30 years since the Sheik Yerbouti album was released. The exact date was March 3, 1979. I realize that I also can celebrate three decades as a Zappa fan, since Sheik Yerbouti was the album that really got med Zappa AND to music. It kind of changed my life a bit. I picked the album at the library and listened through headphones and the music totally blew my mind...the rich, flamboyant sound, the extremely close miked lead vocals, the energy!
Sheik Yerbouti is one of Frank's most important albums. It marked a sort of a come back, after a couple of tough years in the business. It even resulted in a hit record. It is also a landmark of music technology and innovativity.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Well stated. Amazing album. While later recordings had tons of separation, 96 digital tracks etc., few Zappa albums were engineered to sound this good.