Monday, March 23, 2009

Steely Dan 2009: Skippin' Scandinavia?

Tack till Rasmus för länken!Time to relay a post on the BlueBook that raises at least one question for us huddled together close to the Arctic circle: Any Scandinavian dates this time around?

Date: Mon, March 23, 2009, 15:31:09 ET
Posted by: TJ, DK

Steely Dan Scandinavia - cancelled?

Today reading Denmarks largest music magazine I came across a fullpage ad stating that Steely Dan would be visting the Danish city Randers on june 17 playing in the concerthall Vaerket.

Unfortunately the same day a friend who works in a booking agency told me that Steely Dan had actually cancelled the date although it was confirmed.

Sad and also a bit strange. Did they decide to skip Scandinavia?
While we wait for some official news either way we'd like to mention that the last time Steely Dan toured this part of the world the show at the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2007 proved to draw that festival's largest audience.
We're still hoping that some concert promotor/arranger is trying to get a deal done to get the band back here. "Here" being Scandinavia or any combination of the Nordic countries. We're not picky! :)

Thumbs crossed...

Two useful links: - The only place for confirmed dates. - The fan page for breaking news, views and the occasional rumour.

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