Wednesday, March 11, 2009

becker vs fagen dot com

Was wondering if there are any Donald Fagen fans who go to without also checking now and then? If "yes" chances are that they're still unaware of the upcoming summer tour. The tour dates page serves up simply says "no dates":

In contrast was pretty quick in adding a link to the Steely Dan tour page:

This is also true for Walter's MySpace page:
By the way; did that empty player with no songs and no plays just appear or has it been there before?

And is there an official Donald Fagen MySpace page? A quick look gave us a few obvious fake ones but none that felt like the real deal.

- Yours truly, from the Observation deck


monsterpants said...

ah, but did you know there is a "DonaldFagen" presence on (and no Walter Becker there yet.)

can either of you do some detective work to figure out who's really behind it? what do you think?? i can't tell.

part of me can almost picture donald at the healm...

Neb & Siggy said...

No, we hadn't checked for Donald (or Walter) on Twitter, although we did get an account there ourselves to push the updates on this blog and maybe find some new listeners in the process.
And wouldn't it be fun to read what DF och WB could press into a 140 character post! But somehow we doubt that Twitter is the place we'll find them anytime soon. As for finding out who might be the real person behind the twittering Fagen we have put our best man on the job; George. We'll let him do it. ;)