Wednesday, July 30, 2008

15 minute Walter Becker interview on BBC Radio Ulster

OK. So Walter's interviews with local BBC stations didn't stop at one. We already mentioned the short interview he did on BBC Radio Stoke earlier this month. Nothing much new said there. So there's no need grieving over the fact that the link to the interview is internet history by now.

To be earnest we haven't listened to the 15 minutes long interview he did on BBC Radio Ulster yet, but since his international record label Sonic360 has it available as a download we expect it to be worth a listen for every Walter Becker/Steely Dan-fan.

Better catch it before it is gone! (*)

(*) We just noticed that 12 of the 18 photos of Walter published about a week ago has disappeared from the Sonic360 site. Why?

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Gina said...

thanks for the interview link. it's finding a place on my computer so i can listen to it when time. which is not today alas, aarggh.
back to the grind!