Wednesday, July 02, 2008

iTunes Sweden: Dark Horse Dub available

I'm no heavy user of iTunes but from time to time I drop by and see what's available.
With a new computer iTunes was added today and just for fun we looked up "Walter Becker" and found the international version of Circus Money available including the bonus track Dark Horse Dub!
We coughed up the 9 SEK ($1.50/0.95€) it took to buy the track in question and can after a couple of spins say that it is NOT a leftover added on just to sell a few extra copies.

At 6 min and 46 seconds it heavy on the dub goove and the horns with a couple of surprise twists and turns along the way. A minimum of lyrics and if you like the rest of Circus Money this is a must.

As it is on iTunes Sweden our guess is that it is available in other iTunes stores as well altough the release date of the physical CD is July 14. The release date on iTunes says July 1.
Worth considering is that the version on iTunes isn't lossless, so you don't get the sound quality the CD will offer.

Don't be surprised if Dark Horse Dub pops up on the Radio Dupree playlist as we type.

P.S. We will of course buy the physical CD once it is released. Why? Because it is the only way we can get the promised "exclusive additional artwork". And we're pretty sure that artwork are two paper dolls of Abe Vigoda and Skip Gildersleeve including several changes for each doll. The perfect companions to play with as you listen to Circus Money.


angel said...

Did you get it up on the playlist?

angel said...

Guess that's a yes. Great song!!!!!

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Glad you caught it! And yes, we agree it's a worthy bonus track.
Wonder if it'll be available in the store eventually? We think it should.

Gina said...

it is also available in the dutch and belgian iTunes, just checked.

Neb and/or Siggy said...

That's great! Should mean that most if not all iTunes-stores in Europe have the track? Not too familiar with how those business are structured but...

Good luck getting Mizar5 back online. :)

Anonymous said...

/Users/russellgildersleeve/Desktop/Abe & Skip.JPG