Sunday, July 13, 2008

wing .... prayer .... **** ;)

With Circus Money's "international release date" of July 14 coming up, more reviews appear in European papers/magazines/whatever.

And reviews are a funny thing. Some reviews take the time to tell the story of the artist all the way up way to this brand new album, some just spit out a few, short sentences. Some reviews are good, some are bad.
I wouldn't say that the longer the review the better the chance of it being good or even great. No way. But somehow sometime I get a feeling that a short review is in need of an additional sentence or two.

Here's a three sentence review of Walter Becker's Circus Money pubished in The Scotsman. A positive ****-star review, but when I read it I got the same feeling I got seeing a movie scene with a small propeller plane, one motor on fire, coming in for a landing swaying from side to side with the pilot just able to keep it all under control.

Read it yourself. It won't take long.


angel said...

Like the scene with the flaming engine on the plane, this review is missing a critical piece of information. You can't give the work of said artist 4 stars, while insulting the artist of said work.

In regard to the son flies and guess what? You don't need an engine at all, to safely land a plane. It just becomes a glider and you fly it normally. :-)

Gina said...

wow. this person really took the time to assess the album. and enjoy it.
by the way, Mizar5 is back, i was uploading stuff for the family website (which is also wordpress) and then got the idea to just copy the main index code. i had deleted the index.php for Mizar5 because that one was totally messed up and now i created a new one with just 3 lines of code... so that is why this radio dupree entry is kind a funny... these few lines thang did work for me, or mizar5 lol!
well, back to work and business as usual :-)

toodles, geeeee

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Angel: Next you'll try to tell us that cars that roll over don't explode in an inferno of fire each and every time ;)

Gina: Congrats on having Mizar5 back in action!
You did better with a few lines of text than said reviewer.

Feels like some automated editor cut out a paragraph or three making it the way it is. Oh well...