Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Steely Dan are out of practice"

We are part of the video-viewing audience over on YouTube and other similar sites that find those "Shreds-videos" fun. You know, when someone with a musical talent take a video of a famous artist and overdubs it with some less than flattering sounds making the artist in question come across as less than "in the pocket", "on the beat" and various other phrases used to describe musical prowess.

Yeah, it's silly, but we laughed out loud to one featuring Santana. Don't know if it's still around as some of the artists that got the shreds-treatment didn't like it and got the videos pulled. No, I don't think Santana was part of that, but the videos come and go.

We can't understand while it took us eight months to find this one wih our perennial favourites, but here it is:


Carsten from Denmark said...

I am still laughing with tears, this video is so funny.
When I saw it the first time I was laughing out so loud
that me son came running to see what was going on.

Louis from Virginia, USA said...

Wow - some great playing from SD. Major fan here and I've never heard them sound better (wink). Herrington's solo sounds like something I would play.