Friday, July 25, 2008

Circus Money on the cheap. Make that ultra-cheap.

Found. A site in good ol' Russia selling Walter Becker's Circus Money online for $1.62!
That amount will buy you the whole record as mp3-files in VBR-quality.

Yes. The say they're legal but the low, low, low prices tell another story. At least that's our take on it without having scrutinized the legal stuff. All we know is that these Russian sites have been hunted for years and just keep on poppin' up under new names.


The Chief said...

My good friend, Elgarf of tells me that I can be cheap - particularly when it comes to buying music.

However, when it comes to Fagen and/or Becker, I will gladly pay the regular price for the CD or download - I'm happy to support Walt & Don anyway I can.

Long live Steely Dan.

Gina said...

cheap doesn't always say it's good.
and yes, i agree with the chief above.
no reason to support those weird russian sites.
before you know it, they're handing you one of their women for free! you know, all those very intelligent educated young girls with degrees but dying to live in western europe and america :-)

Neb and/or Siggy said...

We do hope that the post didn't come across as a suggestion to use that site to order music by Walter, Steely Dan... basically anybody.

How much would make it back to the artist in question with those prices? Let's see... We'll go for nil, zero, nada percent.

As for the women... ;)