Sunday, July 20, 2008

"YouTubing" it up for Walter?

The two short videos posted as teasers before the album Circus Money was released has been viewed over 13 000 times in the two months they've been up on YouTube.
Below the links to the videos on there's a small ... plea. So far unanswered:

YouTube: Fringehead
YouTube: Strange
We're still looking for more. Anybody?

Yes, Walter and his gang would love to see some video reactions from the fans. The album is out and the music is there to inspire whatever video responses the fans can come up with. 
Among the current Steely Dan-tour-attending audiences there seem to be quite a number of persons equipped with cellphones/mobile phones and an urge to capture snippets or whole songs from whatever distance from the stage. And the post it on the Internet.

Here is - as we see it - a chance to step up and above that and deliver what might be so much more than a miniscule piece of viral marketing. Who knows what might happen if the right pair of eyes fall on your piece of creativity? Fame! Money!  Swedish ginger cookies!

Radio Dupree rises to the challenge and will dust off our video equipment to in due time deliver some sort of video answer to the two WB-videos above. 
With any luck that WB video poster Scapegrace99 will let our video responses stay up once they're there. 

Readers: Get creative!

Walter; we stumbled across a great cover of one of your 11 Tracks Of Whack numbers. More about that in a day or two.

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