Thursday, July 10, 2008

Walter Becker on BBC Radio: Catch it while it's there

A Steely Dan fan from Liverpool posted the link over on the Bluebook.
Walter did a 4 minute interview yesterday (Wednesday) on BBC Radio Stoke's Nick Robbins show.

Here's the link to the show's page:

Once there click the "listen again"-link up in the right column. A BBC "radio" should open. Find Nick Robbins and click the Wednesday link. The interview is wher the timer says 1 hour and 35 minutes = 35 minutes in to the show. We haven't heard it yet, but expect it to be well worth the clicking.


Wlm said...

Hello fellows -
I've got that Stoke interview on mp3, really not much too it, the DJ asks the usual questions - "why so long" "what's different" etc and Walter politely answers yet again for the 500th time. Anyway if you want the mp3 it's about 1.9mb (trimmed down to the interview part only)
let me know and I suppose I could email it if telus will allow such a big outgoing attachment
cheers Wlm

Neb and/or Siggy said...


Thanks for the offer, but we managed to grab the interview ourselves. As you say not much news in it, but we were waiting to hear why on earth the phone call to Walter (or was that FROM Walter?) ended up on BBC Radio Stoke of all places?!??!