Sunday, July 27, 2008

A great Walter Becker cover by Sara Colman

There's been a few Steely Dan covers over the years. And a couple of Donald Fagen's solo songs have also been covered by other artists.

But how about Walter Becker's solo stuff? No cover versions that we've heard of. Until we stumbled across the MySpace page of a singer from Birmingham, England; Sara Colman.

She's covered Walter's Book Of Liars from 11 Tracks Of Whack for her upcoming second album. It's a jazzy version with just piano, drums, bass and Sara's voice. A great match. And especially interesting to hear if you're familiar with Walter's original version.

We wrote her and she wrote back saying Book Of Liars is one of her favourite songs.

Her first album is titled Spellbound (1999) and featues nine of her own compositions. For her second album she's picked a couple of covers. Book Of Liars is one, Joni Mitchell's How Do You Stop another.

There's more to learn about Sara. She's one third of the group The Passion. Her own homepage will hopefully soon be updated. Meanwhile you can hear Book Of Liars and more on her MySpace page. That one also links to The Passion's page for even more music!


Gina said...

howdy radio duprees!
this is a splendid find and i am very very happy with it, this song just made my day, which was horrible due to all kinds of stuff. we were blown off the air by thunder and lightning, electricity went down and such saturday. back online and then this news, great :-)
how did you find her?

toodles, Gina

Carsten from Denmark said...

Dear Neb and/or Siggy
Great news, Sara Colman and her version of Book Of Liars.

Gina said...

hi Neb and Siggy, also learned that one of the singers she is with in Passion is someone i already have in my list of myspace musicians. i found Lian via Gina Rae, also a very wonderful Scottish singer... i could stay in there for hours, wandering from musician to musician and song to song aarggh.

Neb and/or Siggy said...

How we found her? I think it was one of those rather unplanned surprises that happen when you click your way from one site to another. "Wasting time", but in the best of ways.

Anonymous said...

Sara is launching her new album, Ready, at the Glee Club Studio in Birmingham UK on Thursday 25 September, and is bound to be singing Book Of Liars.
Ready will be released on the QNote label in October.