Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Walter!

Nineteen Eighteen, yep, nineteen eighteen new photos of Walter Becker up on the Sonic 360 homepage.
A bit small but all new, all nice and all fun!

Click the link and then the black and white pic of Walter and Larry to get to the new ones.

We especially like the laughing Walter and the chess playing Walter. What's up with those eggs?

UPDATE July 31: Just noticed that there's just six pics left. The rest has ... vanished! Should we blame it on Selfish Gene?


Dimension Skipper said...

Thanks for the heads up on these. Those sure look like eggs as the white chess pieces in that one image. Strange. But cool in a Walter-esque kind of way.

Gina said...

i just wanted to copy the chessplaying Walt in the RR because i thought that one was very funny/nice, and then i came here and read you liked it too :-)
thanks for the eggs up in Rumpus lol.

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Eggs somehow work in photos... Something to do with the shape and color. Or maybe even something deeper.

Walter seem to have fun in front of the camera. Wonder who took the pics?
And did you notice the similarity in the yellow colored pic with him walking with the guitar and the cover of the Greatest Hits collection that was released a couple of years back?